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Ladies and Gentlemen,This evening you will have the honor to see the construction, right in front of your eyes, of a simple object

that ... makes the world go round!

And so after a thousand vicissitudes, flying traffic cones, unlikely measurements, constructions,deconstructions, fire juggling and involuntary volunteers...

Here is revealed the mysterious object: the great WHEEL...


A simple but unusual show, which mixes the virtuosity on an acrobatic wheel with street theater:

a circus technique of undeniable scenic effect combined with the fun of

improvisation with the audience.

Playing on the innate chivalry of men and creating a relationship of complicity with the ladies, we willdiscover that, alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Scenic Space:

12 meters X 5 meters, FLAT and SMOOTH.

YES asfalth, marble, regular stones.

NO grass, cobbleston, gravel.

Maximum slope : 3%

Minimum height: 5 m.


Set up: 30 minutes

Taking apart: 20 minutes


Typical 40 minutes (adaptable to programing)

We need at least 60 minutes from the end of a show to the beginning of the next.

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